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I know, I'm a little bit late with my answers but I can justify myself, I swear! :) I've had a hectic week and find a free hour seemed to be impossible... I don't know if I have ever told you but I work for a freight forwarding agency and it means that last months of the year are always full of work. My email box is always full and the phone never stops ringing, it's quite stressfull but it's what I do everyday, all day long so I've learn to manage this mess! :)
Anyway, coming back to us... finally here my answers! Enjoy!
  What is your favourite article of clothing? 
This is not an easy anwer since I'm definitely a fashion addicted... ;) Beside that there's only one thing I could not resist: shoes. It doesn't matter if it's a pair of boots, or flats, or high heels I love everything I can wear in the south of my ankles!
When did your interest in fashion begin?
I really can say since I was born! It might sounds a little bit to much but my grandma was a seamstress so since I can remember I've always seen amazing dresses (even ones for brides), skirts, coats shaping from her hands so naturally I started love fashion. I can say fashion has always been part of my me. Unfortunatelly I'm not so creative as my grandma was, or maybe I don't have enough time to sew all the pieces I have in my mind so I divert my forces on shopping which is always a great option!

What's your favourite fashion designer?
It changes season by season but in this period I'm a huge fan of everything minimal so Margiela, Acne and Alexander Wang are my favourites!

Why did you start a fashion blog?
It's easy (and maybe it's also a clichè): to share with other people my personal point of view about fashion than, day after day, I started include other arguments I'm really interested in, like cooking and traveling but if you would like to see more things on MMaMC you just have to ask! ;)

What is your success story of being a successful blogger and any suggestions for starters?
Well, since the moment I published my first post I've strongly belived in my own blog so my first suggestion is to be self confident and don't be afraid of other people opinion. Be always yourself guys, your readers can feel it!

Why you always wear sunnies? Is it a filter or you're just shy?
Yes, I'm shy! :) I use to wear sunnies most of the time because I try to take pics during sunny days and it's not easy to look good with direct light in your eyes, sometimes, instead, my face is a mess and, trust me, you do not wanna see it! ;) But you're right, wearing sunnies all the time is not good so I'll try to do my best to take pics without any kind of filter!

How tall are you?
I'm 169 cm tall, I'm a short girl!

How you choose what wear the morning?
It really depends on my mood and of course by the occasion. If I have to stay all day in my office, I use to choose formal but easy combos, if I have to go out with my boyfriend or my friends I opt for something more chic, with a touch of sparkling!

I love your style so much...your looks always have that effortless quality that I am so drawn to, but you are always gorgeous and perfectly put together. Is this natural effortless beauty something you make a conscious effort to achieve or is it as easy as you make it look?
First of all thanks for the sweet words, I really appreciate! Honestly speaking, looking great is not so easy, you have to work on it constantly. Of course I'm not always "perfect", sometimes I'm a complete mess but of course I don't share those looks on my blog! ;)

What do you have for breakfast everyday?
I try to change my breakfast almost every day and I think that it's one of the healthier habbit I have. During working days I use to choose cereals and fresh fruit, during week ends I prefere something more tasty like pancakes with honey or homemade apple cake. The only constant is my huge cup of coffe and soy milk.

And now, if you have some questions you just have to let me know! ;)

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  1. I totally agree with you to be always yourself :) Great post!
    I would like to invite you to join my GIVEAWAY! 25 persons will win $20 vouchers :)

    1. now we know more about you

  2. Well, there you are wearing sunnies again!! lol
    Nice anwers.

    See you Marella!

  3. Hope it doesn't go super crazy at work... Love those boots! And following you on bloglovin now too:)

  4. Oh this is a lovely post !! Thanks for sharing a bit more of you !

    XX Luba
    :: Well Living Blog :: red coat in my look today

  5. you write so funny! i realy enjoyed reading!
    liefs, laila

  6. Love your reponses !

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  8. lovely responses! Also, I like that picture at the top! So classy


  9. Great look!
    I really love your clutch!

    Huge hugs

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  12. Grazie per la risposta sugli occhiali ^_^

    Buona giornata

  13. Such a cool post! You learn so much more about people through these Q&A sessions :)
    Love your boots, I understand your shoe addiction ;)
    Following you on GFC and Facebook now :) Bloglovin later, I still have to reset my password I always seem to get the wrong one :)) Thanks for following me!

  14. Nice article! Now, I know more about you. :)
    You look pretty! :)

  15. I love your boots! And yes I must admit that I tend to dress based on my mood for that day haha! And 169 cm isn't short! I'm shorter than that hahaha

  16. Really great post and I agree. Have a nice day.

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