Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I don't really like "to do lists": it's so hard to mantain all the thinhs proposes made... Anyway I would like to face the new year in a completely different way so here we are:

1. Visit USA West Coast. Past summer I already organized this travel but due to my work my holydays were reduced from 15 to 7 days so I've had to renounce and choose to go to NY (which has actually been the best choice ever). Well this year I don't want to delete my plans again so I'll suppose to fly to San Francisco between May and June! I'm still organizing all the details like rent a car, book some hotels but I'm already really, really excited!

2. Work a little less. I know it sounds strange but 2012 has been definitely to stressfull and ended with a visit to a doctor who recomended me to get relax and took some more time for myself. And I have to admit that he is right: I have to take some rest sometimes. Work is absolutely important but health is important too.

3. Keep on renovate my house. As you might know me and my boyfriend live together since more than one year, our house is really cute but a little bit old so it has been (and it still is) necessary to change/renovate a lot of stuffs. We started with the kitchen and the living room and the 2013 will be the turn of the bathroom and of the my home office. That means that I've to choose coverings, fornitures, courtains... It will be a looooong work and also a little bit expansive but who cares, I'll renounce to a few of my shopping to have a new, cozy and nice house! ;)

4. Stop compulsive shopping and choose quality over quantity. Yes, I'm guilty. I do tons of shopping and sometimes I end up wear skirts and pants only one time and the let them laying in a dark corner of my closet. Well, now things have to change! I definitely want to buy only quality garments and, of course some Zara treasure...

5. Do more jogging. I love running! During past years, when I used to live with my mum and I had a less intense job, I was an authentic runner, one of those who litterally have to run at least one hour per day no matter if it's winter or summer... But life changes and now it's really hard to find some free time for myself. Anyway I definitely have to start again with my daily excercise, my legs require it!

6. Stop eating too many candies. Liquorice actually... If a bag of sweets ends up in my hands I can eat it all! It's insane and unhealthy but candies are soooo good! I have to stop, stop, stop!


  1. Nice list! N°4-5-6(but I eat chocolate) is mine too :D

  2. I love liquorice too... but please don't leave me eat it aloneeee!! ;)

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  3. Let me know if you need San Francisco recommendations, I work there and live pretty close! :)

  4. Those are good resolutions for 2013, I also want to travel this year :) Miami and the beaches of Belize are in my plans. I have a very similar list too hehe i'm trying to go back to the gym and keep the diet.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, and yes, let's follow each other,I'm following you now on Bloglovin' and GFC. See you around ! xo.

  5. definitely working a little less is VERY beneficial to your life, because you should enjoy ! hope your resolutions come true!

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  6. Anonymous16/1/13 18:02

    Love it, thanks for sharing :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  7. Funny purposes and great pics as inspiration!!

  8. Amazing pictures! Good idea to do a to do list :)

    Much Love,

  9. West Coast ❤❤❤ wanna go as well ❤

  10. hahahaha i'm agree with you in all!!! I need practice exercise, i need to leave candies, i'd like to travel to NY (I have never been there) good look!! xoxo

  11. great post! your trip will be a-ma-zing!
    thank you for your comment!

  12. Great to do list!!! Is that your home???


  13. Is that your office and closet? Amazing!! I love it.
    These are great goals, and I wish you much success in 2013. Definitely slow down and rest more, it's good for your soul.

    XO, Gina

  14. Goodluck on your wish list hun... I hope u all the best in 2013...I did mine too and its more travel, less impulsive shopping, be more happy about life (less stress on stupid things), maintain my physical activities and healthy eating...


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