Tuesday, September 2, 2014


As you might image my life lately has changed a lot: a new work, new friends, and now a new home. Alone this time. Yes, alone! And I'm so proud of this choice. I'm finally independent and I'm so happy with my self that I feel ready to say good by to my old life and try to face life with my own skills. So my blog will rebirth with a new life as I will and will be focused on the new me. What does it means? A lot of post about interior design, about my home, about music and of course a little bit of fashion. And, yes the first pic is the place I've chosen, and for all those who wonder: yes, I'm in love.
So, guys, stay tuned! ;)


  1. That sounds interesting! A new start isn't always easy, but sometimes it is neccessary.
    Love the second picture!

  2. Bellissima la prima foto <3


Thanks for your lovely comments!♥


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